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I was really scared to get my wisdom teeth removed. I was tense from the initial consultation to the actual procedure. However, the day of, the doctor made me feel comfortable and taken care of. I was awake for the procedure and they kept me updated on what they were doing to ease me into it. I also had a much faster recovery than I expected and was in no pain post-procedure! Thank you for the wonderful experience and care Dr. Alderman! -  PG (Carmel)



Alderman Oral Surgery- thank you, thank you thank you!  I cannot give enough thanks to all of you for putting me at such ease during what is typically such a  stressful experience.  The front office staff is wonderful!  Dr. A takes time to listen and dictate treatment to the patient and their particular situation.  The nurses are kind and caring.  The follow up call after the surgery was the perfect touch!  The drive I made from Anderson was well worth it!  My experience could not have been any better.  If you need an oral surgery procedure, you owe it to yourself to go to this office!  Thanks again for everything! - CA (Anderson)



I dread going to the dentist but really needed my wisdom teeth removed so reluctantly I went to someone my grandma recommended. Dr. Alderman and his staff are so friendly and informative. They make sure you feel comfortable and understand what is going on. I even got to pick out my own station to listen to while they were doing the procedure. He made a very nerve wracking experience for me very pleasent. I would recommend anyone and everyone to him and his office. I even was having troubles and he emailed me back very promptly. I can't say enough good things about this doctor and his staff. – ST (McCordsville)



I was referred to Dr. Alderman by my insurance provider and did not know what to expect. I went in for an initial consultation where he detailed how the procedure would work and put focus on making my procedure as painless as possible. He even personally gave me a follow up call to check on me. He and his staff were the upmost professional with great attention to details to ensure a comforting experience. I would highly recommend using his services and would recommend him for my friends and family. – DM (Fishers)



We were referred to Dr. Alderman by our insurance. My 8 year old daughter needed 2 retained baby teeth pulled per our orthodontist. We attempted this through our regular dentist, who is also great, but she did not tolerate the procedure awake with local blocks. I was pleasantly surprise how quickly we got an appointment here, compared to another oral surgeon I had called. Staff was pleasant and efficient. My daughter really liked him and said so. The procedure went fine. No post op complications and she even liked going back to see him for a recheck. I was impressed that Dr. Alderman called the evening of the procedure to check on her. This was a pleasant as possible experience. -JL (Fishers)



Just a wonderful experience from the time I walked into the door. The office is beautiful. The staff is extremely friendly and helpful. Dr. Alderman is very pleasant, caring and knowledgeable. Made me feel very relaxed in a stressful situation. I was very pleased with everything and would not hesitate to refer someone to Dr. Alderman. -BH (Carmel) 



If you need the services of an oral surgeon, you owe it to yourself to visit Alderman Oral Surgery.  This office is nothing less than fantastic!  Like most people, going to see the doctor isn’t my most favorite thing to do.  A warm, cozy environment and a friendly, knowledgeable staff helps tremendously.  I am glad I was referred there for my treatment.  Without hesitation, I would recommend their office to anyone else who might be in need of their services! –DC (Greenwood) 



Dr. A- Thanks to you and your staff for everything!!! –ML (Carmel)



After reading the reviews on Dr. Alderman’s website, I decided I would give his office a try.  I had neglected my mouth for years.  I was in pain and knew I had to get myself taken care of.  I had put it off long enough!  From the first time I called his office, I knew that I had made the right choice.  His staff is amazing!  They really helped make me feel comfortable about coming in to see Dr. Alderman.  They were all so friendly and assured me how much I would like Dr. Alderman.  They were right- his bedside manner was second to none!  He spent a lot of time with me at my consultation appointment.  He explained everything so that I could understand.  He really involved me in the decision-making process and I felt like together we came up with a great plan!  When I came back for my treatment I had no desire to know about anything that was going on.  While I was safely asleep, he took out 15 of my teeth and placed 4 implants.  I woke up after he was finished and didn’t remember a thing!  When he called to check on me later that evening, I was doing great!  A huge thank you to everyone at Alderman Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery!!!!!  -SR (Indianapolis)



I have been without teeth for many years.  My top denture has always worked really well, but I have always had lots of problems with my bottom denture. Over the last several years it has gotten really bad. Whenever I eat I don't even bother trying to wear it. I had heard about dental implants, but never really looked into it because I'm on a fixed income and don't have any dental insurance.  A family member recommended that I see Dr. Alderman for a consultation.  I just loved his office and his friendly staff.  They were willing to work with me so that I could afford the 2 implants that he recommended to help with my lower denture.  The small investment was well worth it.  I am now able to talk and eat without worrying about my lower denture falling out.  Thank you Dr. Alderman and staff! - HP (Fishers)  



I recently visited Dr. Alderman's office to have a tooth taken out and replaced with an implant.  After having been through a similar experience several years earlier, I wanted to go someplace where it could be done while I was asleep and also where they could take the tooth out and put the implant in on the same day.  Last time I had to wait months after the tooth came out before they could put the implant in. The difference between my 2 experiences was tremendous!  Dr. Alderman gave me an iv and then I remember falling asleep and waking up and it all being over with.  My tooth was out and the implant was in.  Thank you so much for a great experience! -DW (Indianapolis)   



My daughter came to Dr. Alderman's office to have her wisdom teeth out under iv sedation.  Having 2 older children, we had been through this before at another office.  Little did we know what we were missing out on!  From the friendly staff that greeted us when we walked in to the time he spent with us during the consultation, we knew why he came so highly recommended.  The surgery and recovery went great and as an added bonus, he even called to check in on her over the weekend!  I would highly recommend Alderman Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery to anyone and everyone who may need their services! Their office truly provides the warm, caring environment that often times goes overlooked! - RW (Westfield)  



I just wanted to thank you for making my visit to your office so pleasant.  Thank you for all the help you provided with my insurance company.  I was scared to death when I walked into your office and was then instantly put at ease.  Thank you! -JC (Noblesville)



I am 42 years old and had a terrible dental experience as a child and had not been to a dentist in years! I finally gave into the pain of having impacted wisdom teeth. I came into Dr. Alderman's office with major anxiety and apprehension. As soon as I stepped into the office door, the staff was sincere and did everything to soothe my fears. Dr. Alderman and staff was compassionate and professional. The entire staff made you feel like they were working on their family member. After 4 wisdom teeth were removed and I was home, I received a follow- up call from Dr. Alderman himself. Now that is caring!!! I appreciated that personal touch very much. I did develop a dry socket, but on the post op visit Dr. Alderman fixed that almost instantly! I absolutely WILL recommend Dr. Alderman. Many thanks to this office for making an unpleasant situation as stress free and as comfortable as possible!! Keep up the GREAT work!!



Approximately 8 weeks ago, I was experiencing considerable discomfort from a lower molar. I visited my General Dentist who discovered a hair-line fracture in the tooth's root and provided the only treatment for a fractured root, extraction. Following the extraction, my General Dentist referred me to Dr. Alderman for an implant. I had a consultation with Dr. Alderman 7 days ago during which time he assessed my candidacy for an implant and explained the procedure in a clear and concise manner using layman's terms that I could easily understand. It's been less than 6 hours since Dr. Alderman placed the implant, a screw - in layman's terms, into my lower jaw. I received local anesthesia plus nitrous oxide (laughing gas). The local anesthesia totally numbed the area, and the nitrous oxide, at my request, relieved my personal anxiety about the unknown. It's six hours out from the procedure, and I'm happy to report that I have absolutely NO discomfort whatsoever. I took a couple of ibuprofen before the local anesthesia wore off, and honestly, I cannot tell that anything occurred within my mouth. In my opinion, Dr. Alderman rocks!  -BH (Noblesville)

Dr. Alderman took out my grandson’s wisdom teeth under sedation.  The whole experience was excellent!  He did a great job, was very down to earth & even took the time to call and check in on him later that evening.  I will go out of my way to recommend Dr. Alderman to anyone who might be in need of his services!  -MJ (Noblesville)


After I broke my bottom jaw, I was referred to Dr. Alderman.  I was very nervous.  I had never broken anything b4 & had never even had any surgeries.  Dr. Alderman did a great job explaining my injuries to me & then explaining all the different types of treatment I could have.  I decided to go with 1 he could do in his office under sedation.  I woke up & didn’t remember a thing!  He did a great job and after I recovered, everything felt just like it did before I broke it.  Very impressed!  Thank you Dr. Alderman!  -PS (Carmel)  


Dr. Alderman treated my 5-year-old daughter.  I was so impressed with how good he was with her.  He made us feel so comfortable.  From check in to check out & everything in between, I was beyond impressed!  Thanks! –TA (Zionsville)


I have had TMJ problems for years.  This truly impacted my quality of life.  I could only eat soft foods and I experienced chronic headaches.  After being treated by several other doctors, someone suggested I see an oral surgeon.  I turned to Dr. Alderman for help.  He was great!  I am so thankful that I found him.  His office and all his staff are wonderful!  He took lots of time to help me understand why I was experiencing all the pain in my TMJ.  Most importantly after several months of treatment with Dr. Alderman, my headaches are now gone & I can now eat a normal diet!!!  -CJ (Westfield)


I had a wisdom tooth removed by Dr Alderman recently and had explained to him that I have problems w/my jaw cracking/possibly locking and a very small mouth. I was very concerned about this procedure. Dr Alderman spent time w/me on an initial visit and after checking the xray and my tooth, assured me he could take care of my concerns. Well...HE DID!! I know I used the word "perfect" when he finished the procedure, but it truly applies to Dr Alderman and his staff...they are the BEST! I would/will recommend friends/family to them without hesitation. Very warm, compassionate, sincere...and best of all, excellent results! Thank you, Dr Alderman and staff.  –NT (Carmel)

I had a great experience at Dr. Alderman's yesterday. I had 5 teeth removed.  I was very scared.  He and his staff did a great job keeping me calm, and the next day after my surgery, the doctor himself called to check on me.  I'd recommend Dr. Alderman to anyone.  I have to have a lot more work done on my teeth.  If I didn't live so far away, I'd come here for the rest of the work that needs to be done.  He needs to come to Anderson once a week!  -NM (Anderson)

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